Measure of Success

In the 1950’s a PhD thesis by Harry Markowitz entitled “Portfolio Selection” was pioneering in its field, and was one of the first economic journals to fully incorporate the need and benefits of mathematics in the world of Finance.

Since then Economists, Bankers and Consultancy firms have fully adopted mathematical concepts into their daily work, using its principles to solve complex monetary problems and forecast future events and outcomes in the Global economy.

The importance of Quantitative Analysts, or “Quants” as they’re known in the industry, has since been realised once again following the Financial Crisis, with the need to

meticulously follow financial regulations becoming paramount, whether it be modelling the Probably of Default on a loan, or Stress Testing an entire banks Capital Reserves to see its ability to withstand another Economic Turndown.

Here at Bailey & French we provide recruitment services for Banks, Consultancy Firms and Regulatory Bodies within the Quantitative Analytics and Risk space.

We’ve recruited all levels from entry level Graduate, Associate and Consultant roles, Manager and Senior Manager level roles right up to Senior Director and Partner / MD level positions.

"a pleasure to work with"

A few examples of completed assignments:

  • Senior Manager, Quantitative Operational Risk, Big 4 firm, London
  • Senior Manager, Risk Assurance, Independent Risk consulting firm, London
  • 3x Quantitative Risk Managers, Big 4 firm, London
  • Manager, Boutique Quant Consulting firm, London
  • 2x Manager, Quant Risk, Big 4 Firm, Zurich
  • Counterparty Credit Risk Manager, Big 4 Consulting firm, London
  • Investment Risk Manager, Pension Fund, London
  • Senior Manager, Economic Capital, Big 4 firm London