The client: CSMA Club, Civil Service Motoring Association

We had been searching unconsciously for a way to evolve culture and now we see the possibility of a whole different way of managing people and performance – the strengths-based approach.

Currently, we are in the middle of a programme of work, moving CSMA Club towards being a strengths-based organisation.

The impact of the various team workshops and strengths coaching sessions we have had so far has been striking.

There is enthusiasm about the approach and big changes in how people interact around the office. More smiles, more collaboration, more inclusivity…   a real sense of togetherness.

Also, certain individuals, sometimes at senior levels, have transformed since the work with Bailey & French began, moving from aloof or reactive to active and engaged.


We are now focusing on helping develop strengths coaching skills amongst our employees to sustain rises in positivity and performance.

We are also creating a “performance motivation” Facebook style system to support the strengths focus, allowing continuous, real time, transparent focus on feedback and performance.

It will transform performance management for us to a motivational approach with higher flexibility for talent movement and recruitment.

There has been a domino effect in positivity since we started working with Bailey and French, including a positive change in the perception of HR.


Ailsa Suttie, People and Culture Director at CSMA Club

Why us?

These challenges make an ideal case for us to get involved. In our view, this is when a search firm is most needed. Our deep understanding of the Risk market helped us to find and motivate very interesting professionals to talk to the client.

Over the years we have filled a number of specialist and leadership positions within the Risk function of the firm at their headquarters in Europe.

What happened next?

Additionally, the understanding of the very specific nature of the business and the increasing trust between us and our client has led to more and more intensive co-operation that meant we could play to our strengths.

The strong international integration of our company made it relatively easy for us to fill a London-based Tax role, Tax being one of our other core specialisations.

There have also been a number of activities within other parts of the Finance function. Understanding a client as well as we do with the client also helps us to grow into functional areas we are less specialised in and we were able to fill two senior positions within the HR function as well as a Structurer within the Front Office.

Our work with the trading division has also opened doors in different areas throughout the wider group, such as the In-house Consulting unit and holding group. Our relationship with the organisation continues to grow and develop.

The business relationship is still strong and we see this as a reflection of our strengths – a quality-oriented, highly-specialised and pragmatic approach to search.

"an excellent recruiter"