We are there with you on the upward curve.

With thorough consideration and strong focus on relevance, we facilitate connections between talented individuals and firms that give them the opportunity to fulfil their potential. 

These stories show how we worked with two individuals to get the roles that would see them flourish: 

Almira Biglova
Manager, Risk Analytics
Deloitte, UK 

Almira’s background

Almira’s background is in Quantitative Mathematics and Risk Management, with a PhD in Mathematical Modelling. We contacted her while she was working within Risk Control at a German Bank in Luxembourg. 

How we worked together

Initially we introduced her to in-house options at a German bank and RWE Supply & Trading, but she decided to focus on roles in consulting. We also arranged interviews for Almira at a Big 4 Accountancy firm and two Management Consulting firms in Germany. As a result, the Big 4 firm offered her a role that she turned down in favour of another option we had given her – a move to London. This was a step she had not previously considered. 

Even though she had been headhunted for roles in Germany, we recognised her potential fit for a Risk Analytics team which we were building for Deloitte in London. 

Overcoming obstacles

Almira is a Russian national, so she needed a visa to visit the UK. We therefore arranged for the initial stage to be conducted by telephone. After talking to the director at Deloitte she was committed to moving to the UK.

She then needed a work permit to come to the UK for further interviews. This would have been time consuming so we scheduled her initial face-to-face interview with a Director at Deloitte in Luxembourg. He could then convey his feedback to his colleagues in London. 

The road to success

Almira was then offered a role as an Assistant Manager in the UK Risk Analytics team, once her working visa had been sorted out. Within months she was offered a promotion. 

Tim Pagett
Consulting Leader
PwC China 

Tim’s background

Tim is an Australian national. When we first knew him he was the founder and Lead Partner of the UK Risk and Regulatory team at Ernst and Young London. For a number of years Tim was one of our clients, but then he decided he wanted to relocate to Asia to take up a new challenge. 

What happened next?

We discussed the possibility of working with a number of firms in Asia including PwC, KPMG, Oliver Wyman and a top-tier strategy firm.  Some of these introductions were in response to specific mandates, others were as a result of us proactively approaching senior figures in our network where we felt there was a potential fit. 

PwC took a particularly strong interest in Tim and following meetings with a number of global FS partners, PwC arranged two separate trips to China to meet the local leadership team and progress the discussion. 

The road to success

Tim accepted the offer to join PwC as a partner to help develop the Risk Management profile across the region. He has since been promoted and now leads PwC’s Consulting services across China. 

We initially engaged with Tim in October and he started work after his relocation to China the following August. Ten months for senior partner hire is a fairly lean timeline. 

"making the whole process seamless"