Strengths-based Recruitment

Skills are trainable. Knowledge is learnable. Strengths are unique.

A strengths approach changes the nature of recruitment and the employee proposition. Although skills, knowledge and experience are important when considering candidates for roles, they don't predict high performance. Strengths do.

There are multiple benefits to having the right strengths in the right role:

  • Reduced cost of hire
  • Reduced turnover
  • Shorter time-to-performance
  • Reduced sickness
  • Increased positivity in role

We offer our own strengths-based recruitment service, and also support organisations who want to incorporate strengths into existing recruitment processes. The strengths approach differs from traditional recruitment processes in subtle, powerful ways:

  • Widens the pool of candidates
  • Simplifies job descriptions
  • Makes attraction easier
  • Makes interviews more enjoyable and relaxed
  • Focuses on what people want to do, not just what they can do
We have had most success applying strengths-based recruitment to volume hire, but tailor our services to our clients' specific needs.

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